Contraband rhubarb

We snuck some contraband over the border on our last crossing but I don’t feel guilty since it’s harmless and we’re not making money off of it.

We brought rhubarb and comfrey roots, which (as plants) are illegal. We might have introduced invasive pathogens or something! But more likely, they’ll all just die in this loooooong dry season.

We want to grow comfrey as a cover crop on our swales, since it grows fast. But it can take two years to germinate! It may come up after we’re gone. If so, it makes a great green manure.

The rhubarb is for Stan and Edith to enjoy eating. No one grows it here, and the rhubarb may decide there isn’t the right sort of cold spell for it to thrive. But it’s growing for now! Though the grasshoppers, resilient and hungry, are making a dent.


mom February 18, 2019

success so far!

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