While we don’t see thrift stores in Morelia, Sundays are a yard sale+flea market+food stalls+resale+corner shop+black market called the Audi.

Oh, the deals! (2 pairs of boots for US$10 - but we live in a van and can’t accumulate stuff).

Oh, the crowds! (a strong dose to last us through a few solitary days in El Terreno

Oh, the variety!

The clothes from India cost more than they would at a street market in India - which makes sense, as they’ve traveled far.

If we were going to live in Morelia longer, I think I’d set up a booth of knitted items and sourdough delights - but we’re planning to return to the midwest US in April. We’ll hit the Audi on future visits to Morelia, better be here over a Sunday.

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