Pepper sourdough cornbread

To keep our sourdough starter happy we need to pour some off a few times a week and use it for something. Usually that’s pancakes, but sometimes we make lasagna, brownies, pizza…)

For fancy cornbread, we use sourdough starter, cornmeal, a little wheat flour, a sprinkle of salt. Leave a few hours or overnight, then sprinkle some baking powder and add an egg or two. Adding fat would be good, too (olive oil, butter, coconut oil. etc.)

We often put veggies on top of cornbread, but putting them inside the cornbread is delicious - the peppers in particular. We like a combo of spicy and sweet peppers: poblano, red, jalapeno, etc. Onions, cilantro, garlic, tomatoes, and so forth are fabulous.

The avocado is best added after baking.

Adding crema/sour cream and fresh cilantro will also be divine. To make a heartier meal, top with beans, eggs, chili, etc.

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