Garden mess

Some yards are green all winter long in Morelia, temps are mild, but without precipitation for about six months, green requires time and money for watering. The only thing we faithfully water (every 2 days) are our contrabands.

Survival of the thirsty, yet resilient, means daily veggie doses of tomato and kale - even a bizarrly drought tolerant butter lettuce!

We’ve had gardens ugly with repurposed-trash-mulch

And gardens overgrown with weeds: some edible

Some not (at least not without practice, like this nightshade)

Overgrown these days is sparse, so it’s easy to find the tomatoes. But they hold on tight to the vine! Most of them fall apart if I try to pluck them off, and once I’ve squished one, I go ahead and eat it. These drought tomatoes are concentrated with taste.

The jicama were worth the five month wait.

One garden bed was messy enough that I didn’t notice ~9 baby eggplant until it was almost too late!

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