Our short trip to Guadalajara made a big impression. Not only the delicious food (like carne en su jugo at the fastest restaurant in the world), not just the decent roads (Jalisco maintains better than Michoacan). We simply enjoyed the feel of the place - friendly people, beautiful and interesting things to look at, a bit of bicycle infrastructure - and hope to make a longer trip someday.

We stayed in the Expo area at a basic hotel, designed for long-term stay (big closet, small kitchen). It was one of the cheapest dog-friendly options and we were satisfied.

The neighborhood was a treat. El Templo de Santa Rita de Casia is a funky modern church, reminiscent of a spaceship (reminds me of St. John’s Abbey in MN, without the projector screen). The sweet little circle of Glorieta Chapalita park was full of art.

The sidewalks were full of the faithful leaving mass, some of whom chose Starbucks, others chose the ice cream shop, and others shopped at the blankets and tables spread on the sidewalks. Many businesses were closed that morning, including costillas (ribs), bubble tea (té de perlas o té de burbujas, but it was in English), Also closed in the morning was the hipster barber shop, complete with English sign “A man without a beard is like a lion without a mane.”

Tlaquepaque is a great neighborhood too - used to be its own town but Guadalajara grew around it. It’s commercial and touristy but that means delicious food and gorgeous sights. The menu at Café Chai was widely appealing and we wish we’d had room to eat more (or try the chai!)

Man on Fire at Hospicio Cabañas museum in another post. We don’t even have room to tell you about this pretty church in Tlaquepaque:

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