Delegation of duties

Phillip and I are different - personality, strengths, hobbies. We’ve got plenty of shared values and interests, but we’re different enough to get things done. Just think - if we both liked cooking, who would build the solar electrical system?

One person could be good at both of those things. Phillip and I have few overlapping gifts. I prefer it this way, because we don’t argue about how to do things, and we get more done.

I’ve asked him a dozen times how the van’s battery and the solar panel battery interact, but I couldn’t explain it to you. Each time he tells me, I think I understand. But then I let the information drain out of my brain. Probably because I know he’ll take care of it.

And no matter how many times I tell him what food is around to eat, he forgets something. Before I leave him (again!) in El Terreno for 10 days, we inventoried the freezer together. Then I pulled out all the seasonings he might enjoy putting on all that rice and beans, put them in plain sight, and I’ll text him every day to find out what he’s eating.

Phillip can cook, though when we met he only made two meals for himself, and I won’t tell you what they were. But he’s the one who perfected making pizza on the grill! (Though I do the yeast part.)

He’s better at constucting cooking systems:

Back in the US he’ll execute a few of those ideas with materials and tools of his choosing. And we’ll keep using the sleeping bag.


mom March 11, 2019

What a lovely testimony to strengths :-). I’m glad you’ve worked it out so well, and, Phillip, I hope you eat well while you’re Home Alone. I hope you find some avocados to eat with the rice and beans!

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