Toileting and vanlife

I prefer to pee into empty containers while we’re making progress on a roadtrip than stop for public (germ-ridden) bathrooms. Timesaver, esp since my small bladder requests relief every 2 hours. Quart-size yogurt containers are ideal, esp with lids. To-go coffee cups work. Careful with anything smaller than a pint.

The cats quickly learned to use their litterbox on our recent roadtip, and we shared one toilet area: behind the passenger seat, the only “open” space in the van.

Our first, and hopefully last, four-day road trip with cats was rough.

We got tracking tiles for the cats, in case they escaped at a gas station. Occasionally the buttons got pushed and the song would ring out, simply increasing their stress.

No tinny songs, audio books, podcasts or deep breathing could cover the sound of their cries.

Ever wonder what you need to cross an international border with pets? Paperwork and patience.

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