Blogging and couching

Blogging about our permaculture adVanture

  • shares a few laughs, groans, and insight
  • connects us to loved ones who make time to read
  • offers a way for you to engage what we’re doing with suggestions, comments, questions - even to mildly support us financially–for free!
  • invites us to take a step back from our life and reflect on it
  • is the only writing I’m doing these days, which I’m suprised and bummed about - but at least the public nature of blogging helps me get some words down!

This is what it often looks like when I’m writing a blog post

Phillip’s fixing some code and the dogs are keeping the blankets warm.

Phillip adapted our bed to become a couch when we want to read, use a laptop, knit. We get to sit side-by-side in the rain now, rather than hiding in our camp chairs. We tend not to eat on the couch, since there are too many bugs and pets all over us.

Soon we’ll have better photos to share on our blog. I contemplated buying a camera, since my phone’s camera is frustrating. But for a fraction of the cost, we’re going to try new lenses for my phone’s camera - anyone tried this kind of product?


Beth August 03, 2018

Hilarious . . . those dear furry friends!

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