Muddy ride

The rainy season continues. Thank goodness for bike chain cleaner.

Actually we’re not taking very good care of our bikes - we didn’t expect to have them this long!

We left our road/hybrid bikes in the US and got some mountain bikes out of a dumpster. Phillip spent a few hours and about $20 on them. We needed new wheels so went to a bike junkyard/co-op in Atlanta for parts. We quickly realized we should buy some $25 bikes from that shop and save a lot of time.

I can’t imagine biking here on a road bike - I walk this mountain bike frequently, especially in the rainy season.

Phillip taught me a cool trick; when we have to cross a stream he throws his bike across in front of him and leaps behind it (holding on to the frame the whole time). I practiced on flat ground with little success and haven’t tried it over water yet.

Post-Mexico I won’t miss the potholes or topes but I’m glad to know what these bikes of burden can handle.


Mom August 25, 2018

I want to see a video of that trick of Phillip’s!

Anna Lisa Gross August 25, 2018

Very reasonable request- guess we’ll have to go for a bike ride tomorrow!

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