Adios gatitos

The worst part of leaving Mexico (to spend a few weeks in the US) was saying goodbye to the kittens. It was raining when we left, and we had to take them out of the van and put them in the shed, then drive away. Ugh.

Our neighbors will watch over them, and we are confident they’ll be happier in their territory than in cages in the van as we travel from place to place to place.

They aren’t these kittens anymore! As we prepared to leave we realized Gris had arrived at (or even through?) puberty, as he was routinely attacking Fly in a sexual way. We don’t think he “achieved” anything; they’re probably just 6 months. But clearly we needed to sterilize them.

Our excellent vet did a great job, even getting all (but the last) of Fly’s stitches tied on the inside, so her healing has been smooth. But we had to leave on day 5.

Of course they didn’t want to take their medicine - as any pet person knows, cats are so much harder than dogs. We broke down and bought fancy feast and canned tuna, and that seems to be working (though they don’t eat just because we feed them, so it’s hard to tell who is getting how much).

We hope and pray they will be in El Terreno when we return!

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