Eating in Puerto Vallarta

We’ve been eating at “home” with our friends most meals on our Puerto Vallarta vacation, which is fabulous.

  • turkey
  • stuffing (not what you’d stuff a turkey with at Thanksgiving, but what you’d stuff a pepper with),
  • Christmas salad #1: apples/almonds/mayo/creama/celery
  • Christmas salad #2: macaroni/ham/mayo/apple)
  • fancy loaf of bread from local bakery, as well as Costco rolls (they always come through!)
  • Our contribution was Radha brownies, but without measuring cups or an oven thermometer, they weren’t my best!

          -- all on Christmas Eve. 

Another feast day of camarón crudo (raw shrimp, which Phillip found out he is allergic to), fish tacos, salsas, etc was a highlight despite the tingling face and itchy throat.

Serious seafood treat was Tacon de Marlin. It was our first time eating marlin and we whole-heartedly approve. In fact, we hoped to stop there for lunch on our way out of PV but we were stuffed.

We had brunch at Fredy’s Tucan, which may tell you it’s the best breakfast in town. It was good, but not as good as Angelica and Octavio’s eggs with tortillas, beans and salsa at home. But since your travels may not include Angelica and Octavio’s cooking, enjoy the friendly service and good food at Fredy’s Tucan.

Our final meal in PV was homemade carne en su jugo which I’ll explain in a post later this week.

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