Dry season thorns

I’m learning to appreciate the shades of green we see in patches during this dusty, dry season. And usually, the green comes with thorns - like this sweet acacia.

Thorns are a survival strategy (less water loss than leaves, deter predators) and I don’t want to resent them. But I do contemplate buying serious hiking boots every time I get poked (but will I need them after this winter in Mexico?).

What are your survival strategies this winter?

  • Wrapping your hands around cups of tea, cocoa, coffee under a blanket
  • Digging every piece of gear out of your closet
  • Kitty litter and emergency blanket in your trunk
  • Sleeping in til the sun finally appears

We’d been looking forward to house/dog-sitting for Stan and Edith for two weeks this winter, for the hot showers, full kitchen, easier access to the city. And those have been perks!

We’re trying different sleep strategies each night, since between four dogs, we’re up too often tending to needs (or just from the noise). So much for finally catching up on sleep…

The worst part is that we haven’t seen Fly since the evening we left, now 8 days ago. We’ve thought through all the possibilities (even checking the van again and again, to see if she silently stowed-away with us into the city) and it seems clear that she’s dead. If she was alive, she’d come home - this is a dry and dangerous environment, full of predator dogs and birds.

Did she fall when hunting birds from the wall, and injured, become a dog toy? The saddest part now is Gris, who is desperate for attention every time we go out to the land (which we’re doing every day now, for him and to keep watch for Fly). Tomorrow one of us will start sleeping out there again, and the low will only be 40F. Gris shouldn’t be alone - and we’re reminded of some perks of our vanlife, how well it works for our dogs (e.g. Max never poops “inside” there!) - and it’s not like we’re sleeping much in the city anyway!

Looking for signs of life, everywhere. May your winter offer you life treasures each day.

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