Fly catching

Our favorite fly-catcher was named for that skill. We are so glad she’s back! Though we didn’t catch Fly; she just appeared

But we could do without all those other flies. House/dog-sitting for Stan & Edith was a wonderful reprieve from the flies, who don’t mind this mild Mexico winter one bit.

We’ve tried the “natural” methods, like bags of water hanging from high places (the reflection is supposed to scare them away) and dish soap in a mostly covered vessel of water. No good.

While in the US, we bought fly traps in bulk.

And we use them, five at a time, surrounding the kitchen. I don’t think it makes much difference, but it makes me feel a little better to know that there’s a place for the flies, other than our food and dishes.

We also picked up this fly trap, with a horrible-smelling yeast of some kind. We change it once a month, as instructed. Disgusting! I forget, sometimes, and wonder as I get near “what is rotting over here?!” Then, relieved, realize it’s the fly-lure. Gotta keep that away from our sourdough starter, kefir, and kombucha - don’t think we want all those yeasts mixing.


mom February 02, 2019

does the yeast-smelling one work?

Anna Lisa Gross February 04, 2019

It definitely attracts flies, but doesn’t make a dent in the population!

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