Sourdough pancakes

Since we’re growing a sourdough starter, we get to increase the vitality of our (nearly daily) staple pancakes. The basic recipe is similar, though now we often skip egg and/or milk. We don’t enjoy the taste as much, but we’re still using sweet potatoes, blueberries and maple syrup (along with various grains and nuts) so we eat happily and heartily.

The biggest surprise is that they take forEVER to cook! I’ve tried with/out lid, smaller, thinner, but they never seem to cook dry throughout. Anyone experienced that?

As an experiment, I made the same basic recipe, but didn’t soak it overnight - just mixed it all (including sourdough starter) an hour before cooking. And they cooked through, just like we were used to before. Huh.

The dogs like them as much as ever!

I turned down this sourdough road for the sake of pancakes. Since we eat them so often, I want our bodies to benefit! Soaking nuts and grains unlocks nutrients and improves digestability. Soaking our pancake batter all night long (without eggs or milk) made sense. And what happens when you leave wet grains around? Life!

Next evolution, up the veggie factor ala Sandor Katz’s Savory Vegetable Sourdough Pancakes. He uses as much –or more- veggie as grain, while we’ve been doing about 2:3 ratio of veggie to grain. Now I’m looking forward to receiving your unwanted zucchini next summer! We’ll grate and pancake it!

Fly likes sourdough, too.

Other sourdough experiments:

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