There were times that it seemed foolish to bring kombucha to Mexico. We put it in a milk crate for travel - it likes fresh air! Once something shifted onto the spout and we heard … well … at first we thought one of our senior dogs was peeing. Then we thought some liquid was spilling. But the kombucha jar was upright! Ah….most of it ended up on the vanfloor before we un-pressed the spout. Sticky mess!

We prep the feeder tea with solar power - either direct suntea or by heating water off the panels to make sure the sugar dissolves. But the elements are hard on our kombucha, too.

I kept a cloth over the jar with a rubber band around it (to keep bugs out) for months. Even though we keep the kombucha out of direct sunlight (as much as possible, we have an outdoor kitchen) I had to replace cracked rubber bands from time to time.

When our last rubber band broke, I tried a few kitchen utensils atop the towel. It’s just too windy. I got tired of scooping fruit flies out of the brew.

I finally found a solution - a hat I recently knit!

Then the (adorable, sweet) neighbor dogs tried to “play” with the hat, and that kombucha jar (which I’ve been using for literally a decade) became a hundred dangerous pieces on our lovely kitchen floor.


mom February 18, 2019

so sorry about the jar :-(. i think we might have one to replace it once you’re back stateside.

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