Controlled burn success

Last week we tried our best to start a fire in El Terreno. We thought it would be fun for my mom and sister to help while they were visiting (and two extra people to pour water couldn’t hurt). Then it rained - the first time in months! But the next morning was our contolled burn date, before taking Heidi to the airport. So we tried anyway, but it didn’t work.

A week later we succeeded. We knew it was time sort of by accident.

We did the full burn in the daylight and calm winds of the next morning. We still needed gasoline to keep fire moving through such short vegetation.

From above, you can barely tell we did anything! This is short grass, and at the entryway, gets packed by feet and wheels - it was brittle but didn’t burn well.

Later that day, wildfire spread through our neighborhood and our controlled burn had been just in time…read about that tomorrow.

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