While we were house/dog-sitting for Stan & Edith earlier this year, Fly disappeared and we thought she might have stown-away to their neighborhood. We increased our reputation trying to figure out if any of the Fly-look-alikes were Fly, spending hours walking the streets with cat food, kneeling next to cars (cats spend a lot of time hiding under parked cars). We subjected Gris to something … well … if he does steal our souls while we sleep, this could be his justification. Just read the other post.

There are dozens of stray cats in that neighborhood alone, and I was troubled by how quickly I cared about the (two? three?) individuals who might-be-Fly. I’d always worried about the local strays - cars, Puki, poisoned food are common dangers. But I’d never taken one home, or sat next to parked cars tossing kibble at one.

We thought about taking in a stray when we realized mice and rats were living in the van with us, but we thought kittens could bond with our dogs, while older cats might not.

Puki spots a not-Fly

Suddenly, two (or three) of these strays mattered more than they did before, because we have claimed responsibility for Fly, and if any of them were Fly, we needed to do everything possible to protect and nurture that cat.

And while I feel guilty that I never care so much about the other strays, I realize it’s not possible for my human heart to love everything/everyone all at once.

We found another not-Fly in Guanajuato - we know Fly didn’t stow-away on this trip, cause this kitty is really skinny. Obviously we should adopt her, right? Especially since she followed us!

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