Moving roots

We’re back in the US after a year in Mexico. We’ve been in NC for a memorial service and family time, and I can’t count the times someone has asked “Where do you live?”

  • we’re here for a few weeks
  • in our van
  • we’ll be in IN eventually
  • we’re traveling this summer

are some answers.

Our roots float - they’re at least as mobile as the van. The van is a practical home, but family is sufficient rooting medium.

Most trees have more body underground than aboveground - though of course some trees’ roots float or poke out as knees.

Do you think trees ever long to fly like birds, or ride in boats, or dart like bass?

Even if they only millimeters a year, trees touch a lot of world. Are you feeling rootbound or shallow-rooted or like you’ve got more to you underground that above?

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