Cats go inside

Our cats had never been inside, other than trips to the vet. On their first (and hopefully last!) roadtrip, they were thrust into one new experience after another. When we brought them into a hotel room, they spent a couple minutes stealth-crawling around the room, looking for threats.

Then they found all the soft surfaces and napped. Not much sleep on the road, and cats usually sleep 20 hours a day, right? With all that extra time, Fly learned a little English.

We spent that first night in a hotel so we could cross the border looking reasonably clean and calm. We planned to simply drive and drive all the way to Indiana after that, to get this road trip with cats over as quickly as possible. Maybe we’d do short naps in rest areas, but mostly take turns napping/driving on the road.

They’re calm in that video, but as night fell, they returned to the driver’s seat and dashboard, unintentionally risking our lives. They would not be deterred from this dangerous obsession with all the windshield revealed.

We pulled into a parking lot, thinking they might calm down if we crawled into bed and they could snuggle. They did, we did, and we all napped.

We got back on the interstate before dawn and by the end of that day, we remembered how much the cats seemed to like that first hotel - we should try that again! We were ready for showers and a break.

They only needed a minute of cautious crawling around to declare this space safe, and played wildly on all the furniture. Then they discovered mirrors! We don’t know what their reflections meant to them, but they were fascinated.

The next morning Gris climbed the curtains, fell into the litterbox, knocking gravel throughout the room. We cleaned up as much as we could and left a huge tip.

Now the cats are living on my parents’ farm. Is there any limit to what parents will do?


mom April 11, 2019

Mothers will recommend that children not post videos that show the videographer was driving while recording!!!

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