End in sight

The rainy season is tapering!

The end of constantly muddy feet, muddy bed, muddy pants, is in sight.

The end of weed whacking (fire containment) is in sight.

I remember our pre-sidewalk days…that was even worse. But the sidewalk couldn’t keep us out of the mud entirely.

Plus, the dogs like to keep their feet a little dry in the chilly mornings, so some of them poop on the sidewalk.

The end of the rainy season is changing our lives - I spend more time watering gardens, and I’m letting some plants wither (esp the ones the caterpillars have mostly destroyed). We’ve had some serious heat on a few afternoons. Soon we’ll have to buy drinking water again, and eventually get a truck-full of water to fill the blue tank.

Apparently La Presa de Cointzio, which supplies water to Morelia, didn’t fill as much this rainy season as usual, and the growing city taxes it more and more each year.

September may be my favorite month in Morelia. Well, I bet October will be even better. The landscapes are still green and lush, but less mud and fewer storms. It’s usually chilly, but most days we get a few hot hours when the sun is out. And the flowers!

The end of misty mornings is upon us, so here are photos from Monday:

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