Baking in a grill

Baking in our grill is disappointing. But we love dessert so we keep trying.

We’ve made cakes, brownies, crisps and more.

Baking isn’t that different from roasting, which people often do in grills. But those are big grills and big cuts of meat. We have a trim and portable grill, which means baking is nearly impossible. Baking requires indirect heat, and our grill is so tight that it’s hard to find space without direct heat.

Pizza works fabulously, but that’s grilling, not baking.

We’ve only sacrificed one dish in this learning process.

The skillet cookie is a good work-around, but I think skillet brownies would be dry and disappointing.

The best method is to put batter in as many small dishes as possible so they bake “quickly” but it still takes about twice as long as a normal oven (brownies can take an hour, cake can take two). We have to open the grill to rotate dishes, which extends the time. But the grill’s thermometer quickly reaches 500 when only one burner is on at the absolute lowest. I think the thermometer is inaccurate.

We quickly run out of space since we can’t use the lit side, so we can use the lid, to melt caramel sauce, and slowly “bake” some avocado brownies.

I’ve experimented with a water bath because it might even out the heat (since the heat is strongly one-sided) but the grill fills up even faster this way.

We can get a dessert fix without baking via avocado chocolate “mousse” or mallow ice cream and while both are delicious, they aren’t hot, gooey brownies. At least hot chocolate is hot!

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