Gallery of injuries

I wondered when we would get our Mexico bodies back, by which I mean, our living-in-a-van-in-a-field bodies, because a person can live in Mexico without being filthy or injured. But that’s not how we do it.

From cactus trauma to scorpion stings my body has been infiltrated and invaded and here is a gallery of my current injuries:

Getting stuff from under the bed (vanlife is rough) Stabbed by a seed pod while strolling

We carried buckets of bricks home from a trash pile, and these are the places the buckets kept bumping me

Even my shoes are injured! Those sneakers may retire soon. A cactus thorn spent a week in that pinky, so sore!
The sale on wine was for 2 bottles, but then those bottles bumped together in the grocery bag. Cactus splinters

I’m surely aging prematurely.


mom December 29, 2018

so many boo-boos! pretty sad!

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